photography notes [ 3 ]



Jason Teale blogged about the Photo & Imaging Expo, as I have done here and here, but he also has pictures of it, including the group photo mentioned before. He has a very nice blog, and I seldom come away from reading it without having learned something.

Check out The Sajin.

Conor O’Reilly is a poet, and a writer, and a scholar. I don’t know who it was who told him he could also take pictures, but he’s doing that also. What cheek. His blog goes by the rather unwieldy title, If I Had a Minute to Spare, and he recently was invited by the local chapter of PEN International to give a reading. Lately he has spoken to us about falling in love with black and white, the aps he likes to use with his smartphone.

Photographers in Korea publishes online using the ISSU platform, and I’m unaware of whether they have plans to eventually move into print media. In the March issue, flip to page 16 for some smashing good stuff about ‘Abandoned Korea’ from Joseph Chung. In April, Aaron Choi writes about his process and growth as a photographer, also on p. 16.

PIK is the brainchild of Joe Wabe, whose work can be seen here.



 So, what?

Petapixel is talking about a new camera. Yeah, I know, they do that a lot. This time they are talking about an entirely new kind of camera. There’s a good chance it could change everything about photography. Personally, I think that in order to use it well one would need a whole new set of skills – not like the difference between bw and color, or even the difference between analog film and digital bytes, more like the difference between still photography and cinema.

Talking about the Lytro Illum, obviously. A slightly lengthier write-up is over at The Verge. More at TechnoBuffalo.

A longtime friend friend, and another photographer I have learned a lot from, has opened up a wordpress blog after having had a tumblr site for quite some time. He has recently returned to Korea after having spent a few years in Japan.

In this post, he has some important things to say about the recent ferry boat disaster that has sent this nation (South Korea) into paroxyms of grief and anger at the government – and which has been the occasion for a lot of people to simply blame Asian culture, and especially the values and mindset of Confucianism that is so prevalent here in Korea.

He likes to work with film, in black and white, though not exclusively. I find his work suitably gritty, sometimes dark and sardonic (I like that) and often surprising. You can see his Flickr page here.

Stanley Kubrick. Hearda him? Before he picked up a movie camera, he picked up a still camera. He was quite good with it, too. His portfolio, here.



 A Speeding Motorcar



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