photography notes [ 4 ]


BEER one, Hongdae, Seoul

I have some interest in street art. Banksy is funky and, of course, very cool. Apparently, some people are removing pieces of walls that have his work on them and then selling them in galleries. I really don’t know if someone is being ironical, or if it is just more cluelessness in the name of commerce.

Of course, it’s not the first time Banksy’s work has been removed from public view and appropriated into the mainstream art world of galleries, museums and auction houses. I don’t see any way to approve of this – the artist doesn’t receive payment, of course, nor does it conform to his wish that his images be available for for the public to see for free.

Banksy moves around a lot, as we know. Here’s a tumblr site that works at keeping up with him.

Here are some vintage pictures of California from 35 years ago. Feels weird to use that word for something within my own lifetime, but it’s a time and place that does not exist anywhere any longer.

Somebody put cameras on a drone and flew it through one of the towns in Japan abandoned after the Tohuko Quake  3 years ago. Rocket News 24 has the shots and also a link to a 7-minute video on Vimeo. Spooky.

I live in a city and there are a lot of buildings around. Guess what shows up in a lot of my photos. Shutterbug had a competition last month on the subject of ‘Architecture / Composition.’ I didn’t enter anything, but I might have if I had found out in time.

From Phoblographer, here are 10 Tips for Improving Your Use of Color in Your Photographs.

Is there anything not to like about Tom Waits? No, there isn’t.

My excuse for sticking this into a photography blog is that while it is technically a music video, it is actually a lot of still images mashed up against each other. Also, there’s that grainy old-style look going on with it. And we like that. Also because, um, Tom Waits.

Though I’m embedding from Youtube because it is easier, I came across it elsewhere: Tom Waits @ National Geographic.

Can’t remember if I met this guy at COEX a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, pretty sure I did, but we didn’t get a chance to talk much. Next time, I hope we do. I really like his work.

I know for some of you, this tumblr site will be almost the same as porn: Cameras in the Media.

From “Leica Photography” Is Dead. Leica Killed It.

In the digital age, with an enormous emphasis on detail and precision, most people use resolution as their only standard. Bewitched by technology, digital photographers have fetishized sharpness and detail.

Find more smart words at Laicaphilia.

From Photoventure: ‘ 9 Reasons You Only Need One Camera and One Lens. ‘

Reason #10: I don’t like to carry things.





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