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photography notes [ 5 ]


near namsan

The Daily Mail is a really crappy sort of uh, journalism-thingy, I hope we can agree, and I dislike linking to them on the off-chance someone will actually click it but I can’t help it this time – I’m just too intrigued to find this set of photos called ‘ Silent World ‘ from a pair working out of Paris.

No, I won’t. I won’t link to the Daily Mail. Bad enough I’ve mentioned them. Twice.

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urban environments



In a city, what some camera buffs refer to as ‘golden hour’ shots often mean also that time of day when you have a mixture of natural light and  electric lights, that time of day when the sun is departing and the neon and fluorescent lights are switching on, along with shadows falling in ways they likely would not at other times. That’s what was intriguing me when I took the shot above.

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