urban environments



In a city, what some camera buffs refer to as ‘golden hour’ shots often mean also that time of day when you have a mixture of natural light and  electric lights, that time of day when the sun is departing and the neon and fluorescent lights are switching on, along with shadows falling in ways they likely would not at other times. That’s what was intriguing me when I took the shot above.

garage pinhole crop edit 3


Yes, it’s just a car park, but I was looking at the geometry of the rectangular frame inside the shot, and the way the daylight at the back was playing off of the light spilling from the front, where I was standing. Remember, kids, it’s not a picture of a garage – it’s a picture of light bouncing off of the things inside the garage.



Chinese in Japan

This came out of our trip to Kyushu a couple of years ago, a Chinese restaurant in Fukuoka. Again, I’m looking at the geometry of rectangles, but what also interested me was that although the building looked newly-painted, the wood siding below showed the variation of stain from weather, and part of me suspected the proprietor consciously decided it looked better that way.


in summer

It’s a square image, with many many squares inside of it. That’s how we live, in big cities. Hard surfaces, reflecting planes, and everywhere you look, right angles and hard lines heading to the vanishing point. It’s all built by us, for us, constructed for our use. It’s probably how we like things best, or we would have chosen something else.


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