photography notes [ 5 ]


near namsan

The Daily Mail is a really crappy sort of uh, journalism-thingy, I hope we can agree, and I dislike linking to them on the off-chance someone will actually click it but I can’t help it this time – I’m just too intrigued to find this set of photos called ‘ Silent World ‘ from a pair working out of Paris.

No, I won’t. I won’t link to the Daily Mail. Bad enough I’ve mentioned them. Twice.

Instead, I’ll show you this page from Urban Ghosts, and I’ll show you their own website: Simon & Lucie.  And here’s a video they put up on Vimeo. And another.

Bored Panda seems to like Street Art. And here’s a site from one among those on that page.

Last Summer, Photoventure discussed ’10 killer photography tips the pros won’t tell you’ but personally I don’t think any of them are any big secret. (‘Don’t be afraid to crop’ and ‘Keep it simple’ and ‘Only show your best images.’) But there are one or two in there I hadn’t heard of. Check it here.

It’s not really much to do with photography, I admit. I just think dinosaurs are very cool.

I passed this around to some of the photography groups over at Facebook, and I fully expected a chorus  of ‘Everyone knows that!’ from the more experienced camera-bugs in the crowd, but instead I heard ‘Hey, I’m gonna try that thing with the plastic bag.’

The Cooperative Of Photography is worth a look. Don’t miss this ‘Visual Q&A’ with Balazc Gardi, a photojournalist who balances crisis zones with commercial assignments. (They asked him questions and he responded with images instead of words.)

If you think fine art photography is a thing, then you might already know about an Iranian photographer, Hossein Zare, who uses a camera and some image manipulation to create surreal landscapes, sometimes with characters and an implied story. You’ll find some recent work here, and some more over there. Here’s some earlier work all in black and white.

It’s another case of something I don’t mind looking at but would probably never want to do myself. At least, not exactly like this. Here’s one more link to him at 1x.

The Guardian has a page of shots taken by Christopher Morris capturing the New York subway system in 1981. (The rest of his site is worth your time as well.)

At imgur, a gallery of 60 shots from the New York subway from the 70s and 80s. I don’t know who took them.

Jason Teale has a word or two and several pictures of Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

And below is a shot I took of one corner of one room in the same building. It was very clean.


ddp washroom



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