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Here’s another collection of scratch-marks of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen around the net – I think they used to call it a ‘link-dump.’ There’s just a very tiny possibility that you also might find something of interest   .  .  .    

Most nature photographers try to show things as they are – this one is looking for more than that. Britta Jaschinski via Lensculture.

By the way, Lensculture’s Exposure Awards has a deadline for submissions and it is December 22. Their home page is here.

This seems to be a separate thing from their Visual Storytelling Awards. The winners of that were announced recently.

Someone over at Photofocus is very worried about the newest changes to the TOS at Facebook.

The National Gallery in London has virtual tours, so go ahead and look at some of the finest art in the world from your chair.

Yang Yongliang draws inspiration from traditional Chinese art, but look carefully at the details and you’ll see a dystopian vision of the future. Some of his other work, such as ‘Heavenly Cities‘ uses photography in more obvious ways.


night mapo 43

As of last April, British Pathe has made its entire archive of over 85,000 historical films available in high resolution for free.  If you want a piece of that, head over their YouTube page.

The moisture on the surface of the train’s window serves as a filter, obscuring the subjects who are busy with whatever and unaware … Nick Turpin, ‘Through a Glass, Darkly.’

Robin Whalley has urban abstract photography tips. From ephotozine.

Darren Rowse at Digital Photography School has 31 abstract images to show you.

Magnum Photos has an Instagram account. Did you know that? I didn’t. Here’s their main blog as well.

Yoel Tordjman is an abstract artist but he uses a camera and digital manipulation to produce his images.



The Spider Awards are for black & white photography. You can see this year’s winners and galleries of previous years by clicking here.

PANK means Professional Artist Network of Korea. (Two in this crowd are friends.)

Here’s a gallery of work from my teacher, Ulla Reimer. I think you could buy some of it also.

Juxtapos has this about an art photographer trying to recreate the moods and textures of Edward Hopper. I like it. Because Hopper appeals to me, of course, but it also seems like an interesting thing to try.

And here’s someone else going after the same thing.

For urbex aficionados a book the city government in London tried to keep away from your eyes.

The Collective of Photography (COOP) has clothing designed by and for photographers. Here’s a YouTube video about it. You can catch the main idea from the opening shot: they have hoodies and beanies with small pockets exactly the size of a lens cap – isn’t this the oldest joke about photography, that the easiest thing to misplace when you are in the ‘zone’ of concentrating on taking the best shot is also the one thing we rely on most to protect that thing we need the most, the lens?

Last time I was buying gear I bought 3 lens caps – can you guess? Lost two of them in the first week after … please someone tell me this doesn’t only happen to me.



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