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a few more shots from a city by the seacoast


2 fish

I wrote a bit about the part of Tongyong called Donpirang Art Village and there is a still a bit more to say about the politics of art on walls.

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workshop notes ( 2 )


If you want to read the first installment of this series – and you should, you should want to – you can click here.

I believe Zaha Hadid’s buildings are actually sculptures, very large works of art that people can walk around and go inside of. As it goes with art, it’s not unusual for several people to have wildly divergent reactions to any particular work.

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granite block wall

granite block wall

Resume, you say? Don’t really have one, not for photography anyway. I’m not really a photographer, more of a shutterbug. Honestly. I just like to take pictures. It’s fun.

And I haven’t really been doing it all that long, just a tad over 6 years or so as a regular thing. Started out as something to do while out on long walks here in Seoul, where I live. The walking was something I had started doing for health reasons purely, but at a certain point I was carrying the point&shoot whenever I left the house. Nowadays, of course, the camera is the reason for the long walks. And the P&S has upgraded to a four-thirds.

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