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 passage 89

Here’s another collection of scratch-marks of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen around the net – I think they used to call it a ‘link-dump.’ There’s just a very tiny possibility that you also might find something of interest   .  .  .     Continue reading


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near namsan

The Daily Mail is a really crappy sort of uh, journalism-thingy, I hope we can agree, and I dislike linking to them on the off-chance someone will actually click it but I can’t help it this time – I’m just too intrigued to find this set of photos called ‘ Silent World ‘ from a pair working out of Paris.

No, I won’t. I won’t link to the Daily Mail. Bad enough I’ve mentioned them. Twice.

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blurred shadows

It is something I’ve never done before, or attempted, at least not in any connection with a camera. That’s probably true of most or possibly all of the other participants, as well, and I do recall one of the others, after hearing about the homework assignment, commenting that, well that’s going to be a new thing, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. “But that’s why we do this, isn’t it, to get out of the comfort zone.”

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photography notes [ 2 ]


As mentioned in the previous installment of ‘notes,’ I had a picture in an exhibition last weekend here in Seoul. Also as mentioned, I wasn’t the only one, and one of the reasons I absconded a bit early from my photography workshop last Sunday was to scoot my sweet patootie on over to COEX Mall and pick up the print that had been made of the thing. Another reason was that I had a feeling I’d get to meet some of the folk whose work I have been following and learning from over the past few years since I picked up this hobby / addiction.

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